I just got home and realized my order is incorrect, what should I do?

If we made a mistake or you are not satisfied with your sandwich please retain your receipt and contact the restaurant, from which you purchased it, for a replacement or a full refund. More than half of the sandwich must be returned to the restaurant.

Where does Mr. Submarine get their bread?

Our bread is baked fresh and delivered to us every morning from the artisans at Turano Baking Company in Berwyn. You won’t find our bread in grocery stores, Turano developed the recipe exclusively for Mr. Submarine.

Does Mr. Submarine have wheat bread?

Yes, most locations do offer wheat bread.

Does Mr. Submarine offer any gluten free sandwich options?

No, we apologize for the inconvenience.

How does the Mr. Submarine Loyalty Card Program work?

Please read more about our Loyalty Program here: mrsubmarine.com/loyalty-card

Does Mr. Submarine deliver?

Most of our locations do not deliver. However, some managers will make an exception for orders $50 and over. Please call your nearest location and speak with a manager.

What type of cheese does Mr. Submarine use on their subs?

For the submarine sandwiches on our menu that are made with cheese, we use a white, blended Swiss-American cheese; it has a very smooth and creamy taste. Other types of cheese may be available as a substitute but this will vary from location to location.

Does Mr. Submarine ship sandwiches out of state?

Sorry to disappoint all of you transplanted Chicagoans but we do not ship our sandwiches at this time.

What’s in the sub sauce?

It’s a secret! …but here are some hints, our sub sauce is similar to an Italian dressing. It’s a mixture of oil and spices that compliment the other ingredients on your sub. If you’re not sure that you want it on your sub, try it on the side, we think you’ll like it!

I love your sub sauce, can I buy some?

Not at this time.

What is chopped ham?

Cured pork that has been ground or chopped, seasoned, formed into a loaf shape, and cooked. You can read more about it on this page.

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